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IMAGE Signing

January 23rd, 2015 by Simpson Blog


IMAGE Signing

Image signing with Clarke Settles and Daniel Ulvinen.

Simpson Unlimited is proud to become the first construction company in Northern Virginia to become an IMAGE member. Beginning in 2009, Simpson encountered compliance issues during a government I-9 inspection. Following that inspection, Simpson worked with ICE to obtain the proper information and training to ensure that every employee of our organization was in compliance with the law.

ICE’s IMAGE program requires contractors to voluntarily participate in eVerify, establish written procedures for hiring authorized employees, and submit to regular I-9 inspections to verify the authorization of its employees to work.

In 2014, Simpson underwent the same inspection where it passed with “flying colors,” thus qualifying it for it’s participation in the IMAGE program. On January 22, 2015, Simpson representatives attended a certification ceremony at ICE’s Homeland Security Investigation field office in Faifax, VA where it received it’s member certification during a signing ceremony (see link below) with ICE’s Clarke Settles, special agent in charge. “Simpson Unlimited is the first construction company in northern Virginia to become an IMAGE member,” said Settles, “In these challenging financial times, it’s encouraging to see a company that has undertaken the appropriate steps to ensure it hires authorized workers.”

Simpson believes that these and other best practices regarding employment, while being in accordance with the law, benefit the company and the community, thereby increasing the value of the product that it brings to the table. “At Simpson Unlimited, the quality of our product is of paramount importance to us. In keeping with that sentiment, we’ve committed ourselves to provide a legal and stable workforce of professionals that benefit our company, our community, and our country. We’re proud of our IMAGE certification and all the hard work our employees put forth to achieve this goal,” said Daniel Ulvinen, President of Simpson Unlimited.

All employees of Simpson undergo mandatory verification of their authorization to work, drug screening, and a mandatory evaluation of their previous employment history. Simpson Unlimited is a participant in the eVerify program, and is a Virginia Small Business.

Please keep this in mind as only one of our many qualifications that make us uniquely capable contractors that can address every exterior restoration need for your commercial office, retail, or industrial properties.

For more information on Simpson Unlimited’s IMAGE certification, please visit the link below:


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