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What is BUR

You could say BUR Roofing Systems invented the game. Having been implemented for over 100 years, this is the most battle-tested system here or anywhere. Predominantly known for its redundancy — meaning its 4+ plies offer multiple layers of protection — and its brag-worthy high-puncture resistance and long-term weather and waterproofing, there’s no system more proven or reliable. There are a variety of different types, including smooth asphalt, ballasted, and cold built-up, each with its own applications, settings, and construction compatibilities.

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Benefits for Commercial Roofs

      • Flexibility in design and installation
      • Multiple layers, including up to five plies
      • 100+ year service record
      • Excellent waterproofing capabilities
      • Long service life
      • Extremely durable
      • Puncture and damage resistance
      • Excellent for foot traffic
      • Require less maintenance
      • 20+ year warranted roof systems available, including no dollar limit warranties

How are Built-Up Roofs Installed on Commercial Properties?

      • With traditional hot-applied built-up roofing, an asphalt kettle is required to heat and maintain the asphalt at its specified application temperature. Multiple plies of felt are mopped in an overlaying lap fashion (hence built-up), adhered to each other with black hot asphalt.
      • The top layer of a built-up roofing system can vary but typically includes either a modified bitumen cap sheet or a flood coat with gravel surfacing.
      • A modified bitumen cap sheet can appear as either granule surfaced cap (appearing to be much like the modified roofing products), a smooth cap with a protective coating (silver paint, or elastomeric roof coating), or a gravel surface.
      • Cold applied built-up roofing installations are applied in much the same manner as a hot-applied roof, but with cold-applied (usually asphalt-based) adhesive in lieu of hot asphalt.
  • What is TPO Roofing and How Much Does It Cost?
    by Simpson Unlimited on October 22, 2020 at 10:11 pm

    TPO roofing systems are the most common commercial roofing system available, making up roughly 40% of the commercial roofing market share. If you've ever passed by a commercial building with a bright white roof, then you’ve more than likely seen a TPO roof! 

  • Masonry Restorations: What Do They Cost and Why?
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    Masonry restoration is an umbrella term for any building service performed on the stone, brick, clay, or concrete exterior of a building. It’s a highly specialized skill that often requires a separate contractor but is one of Simpson Unlimited’s many unique turnkey building envelope services.

  • What Does a Commercial Roof Inspection Cost and Why Are They Important?
    by Simpson Unlimited on September 28, 2020 at 2:07 pm

    Commercial roof inspections shouldn't be a mystery. We're going to take you through the most common questions about commercial roof inspections we offer throughout Virginia, Maryland, and DC, and all of the details, costs, and preparation they require.   One of a building owner’s worst nightmares is finding out that your building requires an emergency roof replacement and you don’t have the funding to support the project. Maybe the single-best action you can proactively take is a planned approach to your commercial roof maintenance by scheduling bi-annual roof inspections with a certified commercial roofing contractor, along with conducting your own routine basic maintenance. You don’t want to be “that guy” caught off guard with the burden of an unplanned major building expense.

  • Commercial Roof Replacements: Everything You Need to Know
    by Simpson Unlimited on September 9, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Commercial roof replacements are huge projects with a wide array of factors that can influence the cost, project timeline, and how invasive or noninvasive the project will be. Some factors include the height of the building, access, whether the project requires a full replacement or an overlay, and the type of new roof to be installed. Just as important are the weather conditions and time of year it’s being replaced.   We’ll take you through Simpson’s battle-tested process of the roof inspection, estimating, planning, scheduling, and budgeting, and all of the major variables and considerations to keep in mind as you determine how and when to replace your commercial roof. (Learn more about Simpson Unlimited's roof replacements and schedule an inspection here)

  • Commercial Roofing Maintenance: 5 Easy Steps to Protect Your Warranty and Prolong Your Roof Life
    by Simpson Unlimited on August 11, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    The importance of commercial roofing maintenance can’t be overstated. Making a habit of conducting routine inspections, consulting a commercial roofing contractor, and ensuring the drainage points stay clear are the keys to prolonging your roofing system’s lifespan. Doing so keeps your manufacturer’s warranty in good standing, protects your investment, and, most importantly, ensures your tenants stay dry.

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