Verizon Facilities

Faced with a unique situation, Verizon hired a GC to manage the replacement of 26 buildings throughout the East Coast. Simpson was hired to replace the roofing on multiple facilities throughout the Pittsburgh area as part of that contract.

  • Location
    • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Contract Amount
  Simpson was hired in early 2013 to perform the roof replacements as a subcontractor on several Verizon facilities throughout the Northeast.  Simpson has a long work history with Verizon as both a subcontractor and prime contractor. The scope on some of the facilities was to remove existing roofing down to concrete deck. The deck was then prepared and primed per the manufacturer’s specifications and a new hot rubberized asphalt membrane was installed to waterproof the deck. Due to the type of roofing installed, there were logistical challenges in bringing melters to the roof in the downtown Pittsburgh area. There were multiple contractors involved in the jobs (power company, cranes, drain contractor, lightening and interior protection). Due to the original installation on some of the concrete roof decks, some buildings had a change of scope to install new insulation and a ballasted EPDM membrane. This last minute scheduling and change of scope, combined with the original difficulties involved showed that Simpson Unlimited, Inc. can be flexible and work with dynamic challenges.

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