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Dan Saportas


Contact Dan for

  • Service requests for leak investigations
  • Requests for proposals on roof and facade repairs
  • Requests for information on current or past repairs
  • Technical advice and consulting on preventative maintenance or repairs
  • Comments and concerns on ongoing service/repair projects


About Dan

Dan Saportas is the Vice President of Simpson Unlimited responsible for the daily business development, customer relationship management, and service business of the company. Dan provides oversight of the commercial exterior restoration service wrk performed at the company considered the small projects, special projects, and emergency leak investigation service.

With many years of commercial roofing service as a manufacturer’s representative and a customer services representative, Dan joined the Simpson team in 2017. His experience with large commercial roofing operations, customer relationship management, and his knowledge of technology have propelled the Simpson service team and product over these past years.

Dan is the primary decision maker for all service, special, and small projects Simpson undertakes. He plans, coordinates, and project manages a high number of small projects on a daily basis, exceeding 500 individual projects per year.

Dan also is responsible for developing the master institutional and corporate service agreements that Simpson undertakes with customers in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

Dan oversees a service staff of service coordinators, estimators, project managers, and field staff to execute the daily leak investigation, repair, and inspection programs for Simpson.


Contact Information

Cell Phone: 202-465-2910

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