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EPDM roofing, commonly referred to as rubber roofing, is a synthetic roofing material (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) that has been in existence for over fifty years. Invented for use as a liner for ponds and reservoirs in the early 20th Century, it’s worldwide use in commercial roofing applications is long established. 


Save only built-up roofing, EPDM roofing has the longest track record for reliable performance and versatility in application. If you have a commercial low-slope roofing system, it’s likely that EPDM can be a solution for you.


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  • Cost efficiency when applied to the right project
  • Resistance to damage from the sun (UV resistance)
  • Resistance to hail damage
  • Elastic properties allow it to remain flexible and resist tearing and abrading
  • Energy efficiency in colder climates utilizing black EPDM
  • Energy efficiency in warmer climates utilizing white EPDM
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Reduced propensity for condensation
  • Flexibility in warranty options
  • Up to 30 year labor and material, no dollar limit warranties
  • Ability to be recycled at the end of it’s service life

How are EPDM Roofs Installed?

EPDM is installed in a variety of different systems and attachments.

Ballasted EPDM roofing includes a membrane system where gravel ballast is installed over the EPDM to hold it in place over the insulation system or substrate.


Fully adhered EPDM roofing systems are adhered with an fluid-applied adhesive that is either rolled out or sprayed out of a tank in order to achieve adhesion to the insulation system or substrate.


Mechanically fastened EPDM roofing systems are screwed through the seam and the insulation system to the structural deck. The seam is then covered with the next roll of membrane. 

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