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Biomedical Resource Company EPDM Roof Replacement

Simpson competitively bid the membrane-only roof replacement for this private company in Prince William County in 2013.

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    • Prince William County, VA
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Simpson Unlimited was contracted to perform the replacement of a 60 mil. EPDM membrane roofing system for a biomedical resource company in Prince William County, VA. Membrane-only roof replacements can lower the cost of replacing your membrane roofing system, while re-using the gravel ballast and insulation that is existing, providing up to 50% cost savings over a complete roof tear-off and replacement.

When tearing off and removing a roofing system down to the roof deck, local codes require that the owner make a large investment in replacing insulation to meet current energy code requirements. When a membrane-only replacement approach is taken, the replacement of the insulation is not required, providing the owner with significant savings and a the same twenty year duration on the warranty.

Roof replacements of this kind are also completed relatively quickly. This building was occupied and operational during the complete duration of the roof replacement that was performed over a period of two months over about half of the building’s footprint.

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