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Sheraton National

Simpson Unlimited performed the roof replacement on the pool roof and exterior restoration of the Sheraton National hotel in late 2011-early 2012.

  • Location
    • 900 South Orme Street | Arlington, VA


This included the removalĀ of the existing roofing down to the concrete deck and the installation of a vapor barrier, tapered insulation, and a new Johns Manville EnergyStar PVC membrane roofing system. Simpson also replaced a metal roofing system at the perimeter of the pool roof with new self-adhered underlayment and new standing seam metal roofing system.

The exterior restoration included the replacement of sealants at the exterior facade and the installation of a a restoring coat of paint at exposed concrete, EIFS walls, and plaster soffit. Also performed was the replacement of windows, concrete patching of horizontal and vertical surfaces, and brick replacement.

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