Commercial Roofing Repair

No commercial roof is invincible. Even the best roofs are susceptible to mother nature (severe weather) and human nature. When ignored or unseen for too long, even the smallest leak can grow into a long-term disruption. These disruptions will slow your productivity and cause interior damage. That’s why we have a dynamic team of skilled roofing pros ready to mobilize whenever you need them. Ring this bat phone and you can confidently rely on the following:

  • Ready and available 24/7/365 to respond to all your commercial roofing repair needs
  • Crew equipped with every tool in the box to perform on any and all roof and wall types
  • An immediate mitigation of water intrusion
  • A Recommended Action Program detailing an array of long-term solutions for your building
  • A 1-year workmanship warranty on all permanent repairs

Preventative Maintenance

“The time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining.” -John F. Kennedy. If every building owner became proactive about their roof maintenance, there would be fewer leaks and roofs would long outlast their warranty periods. Sadly, here in reality, it’s easy to take roofs for granted and they’re often afterthoughts until it’s too late . . . like a leak after an intense rainstorm. Being proactive about roof maintenance is a best practice because roof manufacturers require them in order to preserve warranties. Any experienced building engineer can tell you that maintaining your roof protects its manufacturer’s warranty and your budget. Spend a little now, save a great deal later. Listen to JFK!

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  • Commercial Roof Replacements: Everything You Need to Know
    by Simpson Unlimited on September 9, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Commercial roof replacements are huge projects with a wide array of factors that can influence the cost, project timeline, and how invasive or noninvasive the project will be. Some factors include the height of the building, access, whether the project requires a full replacement or an overlay, and the type of new roof to be installed. Just as important are the weather conditions and time of year it’s being replaced.   We’ll take you through Simpson’s battle-tested process of the roof inspection, estimating, planning, scheduling, and budgeting, and all of the major variables and considerations to keep in mind as you determine how and when to replace your commercial roof.

  • Commercial Roofing Maintenance: 5 Ways to Prolong Your Roof’s Lifespan
    by Simpson Unlimited on August 11, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    The importance of commercial roofing maintenance can’t be overstated. Making a habit of conducting routine inspections, consulting a commercial roofing contractor, and ensuring the drainage points stay clear are the keys to prolonging your roofing system’s lifespan. Doing so keeps your manufacturer’s warranty in good standing, protects your investment, and, most importantly, ensures your tenants stay dry.

Fall Inspection, Winter Protection

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