What To Do When You Have Roof Storm Damage

If you own a home or any commercial structures, you’ll eventually have to deal with roof storm damage. But how do you know when a home or building needs attention? Your roof can’t avoid severe weather and storms, but it can handle them with proper knowledge and building repair professionals.

Common Repairs You May Need After a Storm

Weather-related damage is the most common claim sent to insurance companies because it is the main perpetrator of roof storm damage. Here are some of the most destructive weather conditions and how they damage household and commercial roofing.

Most commercial buildings have flat roofing systems. Since their low-sloped structure is spacious and more easily accessible, these systems are multifunctional and cost effective. Flat roofs also house HVAC equipment and are perfect for building add-ons like skylights to boost energy efficiency and allow natural light into the building. Flat commercial roof types can also be transformed into rooftop patios for meetings, parties, and other on-campus activities. There are many different commercial roof types to choose from, including:


Hail Damage Roof Repairs

An aspect of hail damage that makes it so costly is that you don’t need to live in cold environments to be affected by it. Hail can occur in southern sections of the United States and can even happen in the summer when you least expect it.

After an ice storm, it’s essential to check your roof for any signs of hail damage, regardless of the hail’s size. The chances are that your home’s shingles and gutters have taken a beating. Taking action is crucial if you see any signs of exterior damage or ice damming.

If the hailstorm was severe enough, having a professional examine your home or structure is a great idea. A large enough downpour of hail can dislodge shingles and cause bruising underneath them, leaving a potential problem for homeowners.

Repairs for Wind Damage to Your Roof

People living in the Southeastern and Midwestern portions of the United States know that severe windstorms can cause significant roof storm damage and other external and internal household problems.

Tornados, hurricanes, and even less severe storms cause millions of dollars in property damage every year, especially for roof repairs. Why is this? High winds can send flying debris, rocks, and tree branches through the air; sometimes, a home’s roof is the target. These things can penetrate your roof and damage drainage systems.

Even worse, strong enough winds can uproot or topple trees, sending them crashing down upon any nearby homes. Never approach any large branches or trees that have clung onto the roof; one of the most common injuries involves falling trees and their branches.

If you think a windstorm may have damaged your roof, contact a specialist immediately for an emergency leak inspection and assessment of any structural damage.

Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Storm damage can be devastating to any home, structure, or roof. Like hail and wind, a massive storm can damage shingles and the exterior of any roof, introducing moisture into the structure.

Water is one of the main reasons homeowners need roof storm damage repair. If you allow water spots to sit unchecked, many problems can occur, such as roof leaks, structural deterioration, and mold.

If you think there could be any possibility of external damage after a major storm, you should inspect your roof internally and externally. If you feel unsafe about venturing onto your roof, hire a certified specialist to do the task. If there are any signs of roof storm damage in need of repair, you will already have someone there to address any problems.

If you’re unsure whether your home or commercial building has sustained damage that warrants immediate action, contacting the professionals at Simpson Unlimited Inc. is an excellent first step. Your business and everything inside is invaluable. Let us help you protect it all.

How To Handle Roof Storm Damage

So, a storm has wreaked havoc upon your roof, and you’re wondering what to do next. If you have a homeowners insurance policy (which most lenders require you to possess to acquire a mortgage), it’s time to involve your insurance provider.

File an Insurance Claim

Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to file a claim about the roof storm damage. Some insurance companies require you to file a claim within a year of the incident. After you’ve reported all of the needed specifics for the claim, your insurance company will send an adjuster to your property to assess the damage. After a short period (typically one to six weeks), your insurance provider will send you a check or deposit the amount into your bank.

Choose Your Roof Repair Company

With the newly acquired deposit, you can look into hiring a roofing contractor for roof replacement and other roofing repair costs. Repairing or replacing your roof with the right contractor protects your building from future inclement weather.

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