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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) membrane roofing has been around since the 1980s. What began as a non-reinforced sheet in the 90s has become a market dominating force in the 21st Century.


TPO is popular with building owners and contractors due to its ease of installation, vibrant color, and heat-welded seam technology. TPO, unlike EPDM and asphalt based systems, required much less glue, primer, and tape.


Because it is composed of less expensive raw materials and requires fewer accessories or primers, TPO can provide a more cost effective solution from other single-ply membranes like EPDM and PVC.

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  • Lower installation cost compared to other roofing systems
  • Durability and resistance to punctures
  • Reduction of cooling costs from energy efficiency
  • Aesthetics
  • Heat, UV resistance, reflectivity, and emissivity
  • Wide range of color choices
  • Ease of installation
  • Heat welded seams are a superior technology making this roofing system monolithic
  • Many prefabricated, field fabricated, and custom accessories for easier roof installation
  • Multiple installation options including ballasted, mechanically fastened, fully adhered, and rhinobond
  • 20-30 year manufacturer material and labor warranties, including no dollar limit warranties

How are TPO Roofs Installed?

TPO roofing systems are available in a variety of membrane thicknesses, assemblies, and attachment methods.


Fully adhered TPO roofing systems are adhered with an fluid-applied adhesive that is either rolled out or sprayed out of a tank in order to achieve adhesion to the insulation system or substrate.


Mechanically fastened TPO roofing systems are screwed through the seam and the insulation system to the structural deck. The seam is then covered with the next roll of membrane. There are new varieties of mechanically fastened systems that achieve the mechanical attachment with heat induction technology. Ask us about Rhinobond technology and whether it is a good fit for your building.

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