In late 2012, Simpson was contracted to replace the wet glazing and waterproofing on this office building in Washington, D.C.



1401 H Street, N.W. | Washington, D.C.

This project included the replacement of all wet glazing on the windows and storefront of this office building. As expected in the Nation’s Capitol, staging and access were a challenge. Maintaining egress and protecting pedestrian traffic were also some challenges with a project in Downtown restoration work. We have also performed all noise-producing work on nights and weekends due to tenant sensitivity to noise disruption. The wet glazing on the facade and storefront was replaced with silicone polymer sealant formulated to reduce or eliminate dirt pickup, surface streaking, and substrate staining. In the mechanical room, Simpson installed a Qualideck Traffic Coating System, designed to provide protection for concrete substrate against moisture intrusion and deterioration from chloride and chemicals. At selected terraces and at the courtyard, we installed a Siplast Teranap SBS waterproofing membrane with a twenty-year warranty. Painting of existing steel rails was performed to upgrade their aesthetics and the entire building facade was cleaned with detergent with care taken to preserve the existing stone facade. The customer was also experiencing some leakage in the basement garage levels. We performed grout injection to eliminate these leak issues.


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