What is PVC Roofing?

Emerging onto the commercial roofing market in the 1960s, PVC earned a reputation of being less than reliable.

Part of the single-ply thermoplastic family of commercial roofing, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) systems are heat-welded together to create a monolithic seal for exceptional waterproofing. It offers impressive reflectivity but is most notable for its unrivaled level of flexibility and adaptability to curves, making it the perfect wraparound solution for roofs with decks or challenging contours. Fire-resistant, chemically resistant to fats, grease, and other pollutants, and if that wasn’t enough, you can pat yourself on the back for sustainability since 25% of its composition is recycled. Captain Planet over here.

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  • Best resistance against damage from spilled chemicals, or exposure to jet fuel near airports
  • Long term weathering and waterproofing capabilities
  • Ease of maintenance and repair
  • Fire resistance
  • Superior puncture resistance than EPDM due to polyester or fiberglass reinforcement
  • Superior seam technology due to seams and accessories being heat-welded to each other, making the roofing system monolithic
  • Many prefabricated accessories for easier roof installation
  • Multiple installation options including ballasted, mechanically fastened, fully adhered, and Rhinobond
  • 20+ year manufacturer material and labor warranties available, along with no dollar limit warranties

How are PVC Roofs Installed?

PVC is installed in a variety of different systems and attachments.

Fully adhered PVC roofing systems are adhered with an fluid-applied adhesive that is either rolled out or sprayed out of a tank in order to achieve adhesion to the insulation system or substrate.

Mechanically fastened PVC roofing systems are screwed through the seam and the insulation system to the structural deck. The seam is then covered with the next roll of membrane. There are new varieties of mechanically fastened systems that achieve the mechanical attachment with heat induction technology. Ask us about Rhinobond technology and whether it is a good fit for your building.

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