What is Fluid Applied Roofing?

As technology has improved over the past two decades, fluid-applied membrane roofing systems have become a valuable option to commercial building owners. On projects with logistical challenges, and projects where hot asphalt kettles or melters are not practical or desired, fluid-applied roofing membranes can be the optimum solution.

Further, fluid-applied roofing systems can be used in a roof restoration, where much of the existing roofing membrane remains in place, saving building owners costly removal and disposal costs.

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Hit Fluid Benefits

  • Simplicity of installation
  • Voracious bonding strength
  • Tried and true 50 year old technology
  • Able to be installed in colder temperatures
  • Long lifespan
  • Eligible for warranties up to 20 years

Cold Fluid Benefits

  • Creates a seamless, waterproof roofing system.
  • Excellent for projects with challenging logistics
  • Ease of application, requiring less equipment
  • Low or no-odor options
  • Eligible for warranties up to 20 years

Hot Fluid Applied

Seamless, monolithic, and environmentally friendly, hot rubberized asphalt (HRA) is the hot fluid applied solution for many building owners, especially when repairing or replacing roof decks, installing green roofs, replacing plaza decks or any other elevated slabs. Time tested and expert approved, HRA is the best solution for roofing and waterproofing concrete construction.

HRA is heated in a melter to its application temperature, and squeegeed out at a uniform thickness where the reinforcing material ia applied. As an added bonus, 20+ year manufacturer material and labor warranties are also available in a no dollar limit format.

Cold Fluid Applied

Like hot fluid applied, our cold fluid applied products bring much of the redundancy and toughness to the roofing and waterproofing of concrete construction, plaza decks, roof decks, and other elevated slabs. Building owners and specifiers may find cold-applied products preferable to the hot-applied products, since there is no need for heavy equipment and fuel to be on the job site.

Though it’s installation method is nearly identical to hot fluid roofing options, cold fluid commercial roofing systems don’t require kettles and provide an ideal solution for any standing water intrusion. Thanks to its easy application, liquid applied membrane roofing systems provide safety and performance to your project.

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