A public commercial roof replacement for Prince William County Public Schools.



Woodbridge, VA

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Godwin Middle School, a Prince William County Public School, was a commercial roof replacement that took place in the summer of 2015. The foot print of Godwin Middle School is approximately 160,000 square feet with an existing modified commercial roof system. We conducted an infrared scan of the commercial roof in coordination with Prince William County School affiliates and developed a moisture survey. An .080 mil PVC Fleeceback Membrane commercial roofing system was fully adhered to the existing roof. All wet areas of insulation found during the infrared scan were removed down to the substrate and replaced with new polyisocyanurate insulation. The canopy roof areas were removed down to the existing steel deck and received a new torch applied commercial roof system. The metal work at Godwin included the installation of a new standing seam metal panel system, coping, counter flashing and continuous gutter.


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