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In early 2015, Simpson Unlimited completed the commercial roof replacement on the Cooperative Way office building in Herndon, Virginia. Simpson was contracted through a competitive bid process to replace the existing ballasted inverted roof membrane assembly with a new Carlisle-Syntec single-ply TPO membrane roofing system. The project included the removal and disposal of the existing gravel ballast (river rock) and insulation prior to the installation of the new roofing system. The existing vapor barrier – adhered to the concrete roof deck – was prepared per the manufacturer’s specifications prior to a new insulation system that meets the current energy code requirements. Leaving the existing waterproofing membrane in-place as a vapor barrier provided valuable savings to the building owner. The single-ply Carlisle-Syntec TPO roofing system was installed fully-adhered over the new insulation system providing a heat-welded, secure and EnergyStar rated commercial roofing system with a twenty year no dolllar limit system warranty to the manufacturer. Simpson also made repairs and completed details on the high perimeter walls, and replaced sealants along the top of those walls to provide the owner with a complete enveloped commercial roofing system. Our Commercial Roofing Department is available to value engineer a complete building envelope solution for your commercial building. Please contact us directly at 877-5-SIMPSN or roofing@simpsonunlimited.com for more information.

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