Commercial roofing and exterior restoration performed on an observatory for Fairfax County, Virginia government.



Fairfax County, Virginia

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In July of 2018, Simpson Unlimited was contracted to assist the Garland/DBS, Inc. company of Cleveland, Ohio with an exterior renovation project at the Turner Farm Park in Fairfax County, Virginia. The existing building, the Remote-Accessed Telescope Observatory (RATO) consisted of a dome for the telescope, a low-slope modified bitumen membrane roof, concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls in need of serious repair to prevent further water infiltration. The goal of the project was to prevent further damage and deterioration of the building by repairing and replacing masonry units, applying coating and waterproofing systems, and  overlay and augmentation of the commercial roof system. Simpson mobilized engineered scaffolding, man power, and equipment to this project in the Summer of 2018, beginning with the repairs to the CMU from the engineered scaffolding. In accordance with the engineers directives, three repair methods were utilized: full CMU replacement, partial CMU replacement, and vertical shallow-depth repair. Once the masonry repairs were complete, the entirety of the four elevations were coated with a cementitious protective coating. Following the CMU work, Simpson’s roofing team was mobilized to perform modified bitumen membrane commercial roof repairs to facilitate the installation of a large gutter and downspout system at the perimeter of the low-slope commercial roof surrounding the dome. Simpson installed a new Garland two-ply cold-applied modified bitumen membrane roof covering of Stressbase 80 and Stressply FR Mineral adhered in Weatherking cold-applied membrane adhesive. The scaffolding was removed to provide access to the waterproofing repairs. The perimeter of the building was excavated. Simpson installed foundation drains and piping to provide for proper removal of rain water.  Simpson removed the existing waterproofing membrane, prepared the CMU substrate, and installed new Garland GMX Ultra-Shield Self Stick Membrane to the perimeter below-grade walls with Garland GMX Drain Max 500 two-part prefabricated soil sheet drain with protection board. A final grading and seeding completed the project. Following the completion of Simpson’s base contract work, Simpson also performed interior wall coating and lightning protection work. InsideNova has an article on this project, you may find that article here.


Garland/DBS, Inc., Fairfax County Government


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